The Thickness of Shadows


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‘The thickness of shadows’ is the title of a group of pieces  I exhibited, and an artist’s talk  I presented at the International Conference “Twice Upon A Time: Magic , Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses.” at Birmingham Institute of Art … Continue reading

Black Sun (Quand tous semble change)

IMG_2236 altered

When everything seems changed

Hills are white,  earth is blue 

Crimson trees interlace the green sky

Their twisted limbs straining

For some incarnation of release.

The black sun

Absorbs all tenderness

Tides flow without gravity

And my mind finds only shadows

In the dance of light

And maybe music

Gives cadence to the fall of leaves

Mingled with tears

Machine and Viscosity


Machine and Viscosities

The medium traverses the machine. It skitters and jumps appearing to flow at the limit of our senses and we become aware that this is something with which we are familiar. It is truth and falsity presented in a groundless fashion. The sound and flicker should be bringing forth hazy images of our childhood. Yet there is nothing here – only the sensation of colour streams and viscosities. Slice – image – slice – image. Machine and material fight for supremacy. The machine always wins. Techne.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 22.21.39


Dripping and sliding

Intensities forming on the screen of our brain

Drawing paths and lattices on its fractal grounds

Cartographic snapshots of some unknown landscape



Shape Shifting

I suck pleasure form the surface,

Then from some region deep within another layer rises,

Almost touching the sexual,

I snag and pull,

tear and rip,

Twisting tensions.

Cutting and slicing threads and loosening tissues.

And in this space

I hear the pains and ecstasies

Of the forming and reforming of these

Ephemeral Organisms