Animation and AR Projection Mapping

Collaborations with Ignite Imaginations, Sheffield UK

2020/21 working with Laura Page and Sara Beavan-Widdowson towards the REIMAGINE Project for Ignite Imaginations at multiple locations around Sheffield UK

PARSON CROSS LIBRARY “Illuminating Experiences” by Sara Beavan-Widdowson Here projection mapping was used too fit the animations onto glass to enable viewers outside the building to view the sequence.

Projection Mapping at Parson Cross Library for Sara Beavan-Widdowsin of Ignite Imaginations
Test Mapping onto Phlegm’s Street Art at The House Skate Park, Kelham Island, Sheffield

Projection Bombing

Taking a generator and some hi tech kit to some cool Street Art around Sheffied to create interventions adding colour and animation to the sites. These are test edits to explore the capabilities of projection mapping as a tool for developing a narrative piece I’m working on called ‘The Mischievous Galleries of Souls’.

Test Mapping onto Jo Peel and Street Art in Sheffield
Test Mapping onto Will Baras’ Street Art, Wellington St Car Park, Sheffield
Test Mapping on Jo Peel’s Amazing Artwork at Hagglers Corner, Sheffield

Ocean World : An interactive and immersive light event for the Dronfield Arts Festival 2019

Ocean World : Immersive AR Projection Mapping