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‘Gorgeous, thought provoking art’

Abstract, Landscape, oil painting,

Painting, Printmaking, Fine Art Photography, Illustration, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Poetry

Would you like to commission a portrait or a local landscape?


‘It isn’t fluffy but does sparkle in the shadows’

Wedding Photography, Projection Light Shows, Film and Animation, Motion Graphics

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Online Art Classes and Hello Art! video tutorials.

Art Education consultancy

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John Sutcliffe of HangingBootsCreative is an innovative and award winning visual arts specialist, using traditional art materials, digital illustration and augmented reality technologies to tell stories, create paintings and contemporary art and create learning experiences in collaboration with the local community and the other artists. A former teacher, John is known for his use of light technology as a medium for art, creating digitally projected installations and animations (as artist in Residence) for Dronfield Hall Barn and the Dronfield Arts Festival, and community arts classes in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. He is also known for his photographic installations, paintings of Derbyshire and animal prints. He is the creative lead for the Dronfield Lantern Parades.

Digital and animated works include Primavera Calling, Elementa and a multi faceted installation Elemental which included a light projection on the exterior walls of Dronfield Hall Barn and photographic installation. You can view the variety of his works below or by looking at the pages on this site.

John has exhibited at The New Art Gallery Walsall, performed illustrated poetic Thickening the shadows at the Tate Liverpool, exhibited and performed The Thickness of Shadows at the Centre for Fine Arts Research, Birmingham School of Art (BCU.

He leads professional development for art and digital projection mapping in schools. 

John has prints and paintings for sale at ‘Abode’, Dronfield : ‘The Treeline Gallery’, Bakewell and holds exhibitions his paintings in the Gallery at Dronfield Hall Barn.

If you are interested in commissioning an artwork or booking HBC for your exhibition, school, parties or exploring how these technologies can be used in a retail / business environment please do make contact.


Some draft images for a children’s book I’ve been commissioned to illustrate

Upcoming Live Art Classes


HANGING BOOTS CREATIVE is my artistic production company. Involving ART, LIGHT and EDUCATION. My art practice involves fine art painting and print making, illustrations, light projections, animation and art workshops. I also have a Youtube channel showcasing my light projections and my Hello Art! drawing and painting tutorials and animations. My work is for sale either through this website, or @AbodeRetail a delightful local arts and crafts shop.

I am artist in residence at Dronfield Hall Barn, NE Derbyshire. I will be delighted take commissions for any type of art and design including portrait, landscape, book illustration, animation and light projections. I recently joined with Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership to create online teaching video and resources for the Covid-19 Lockdown.

If you are interested in my online art classes please look at my Education page

Padley Gold – a recent commission in oil and gold leaf 115x75cm

I recently provided Projection Mapping Services for artists, Laura Page and Sara Beavan-Widdowson, of Ignite Imaginations who worked with community groups and partners to inspire and inform a series of immersive art experiences across the city of Sheffield this winter.

Mapping Project with Sara Beavan-Widdowson at Parson Cross Library, Sheffield
Mapping Project with Laura Page of Ignite Imaginations at Brunswick Gardens Retirement Village
Showreel of Projection Mapping Projects

A Showreel of Projection Mapping Projects and Light Shows : Please contact me if you would like to commission a light show.


Gilty – Oil and Gold Leaf on panel 25x25cm. £100 each

A series based on characters from Greek Mythology –

I am currently making Oil on Gold Leaf portraits, exploring characters from Greek Mythology. I call them my Gilty series

(From top left) Echo (sold) – Circe – Phaeton

Echo, in Greek Mythology was a wood nymph with a beautiful voice, Zeus fell in love with her which made his wife Hera punish her by taking away her voice so all she could do was to repeat he last few sounds she heard. Echo fell in love with Narcissus, who couldn’t stop gazing at his own reflection in a stream. She hid behind a tree and through a twist of repeated conversation he told her to “go away”, as did she. Narcissus was rooted to the spot. Echo became the subject of the god Pan’s affection, but alas some rioting shepherds tore her to pieces, which were carried by the wind all over the world. Gaia the earth mother let the pieces of Echo keep what voice remained to them – which we can still hear today.

Circe, in Greek legend, a sorceress, the daughter of Helios, the sun god, and of the ocean nymph Perse. She was able by means of drugs and incantations to change humans into wolves, lions, and swine. The Greek hero Odysseus visited her island, Aeaea, with his companions, whom she changed into swine.

Phaeton, (the Shining One) in Greek legend  the son of the Nymph Clymene and Helios  (some documents say Apollo) who drove the chariot of the Sun guiding it from dawn. He begged his father let him drive the chariot. The god reluctantly let him and handed him the reigns. His inexperience proved fatal, and he quickly lost control of the immortal steeds and tlost control setting the earth ablaze. The plains of Africa were scorched to desert. Zeus, appalled by the destruction, smote the boy with a thunderbolt, hurling his flaming body into the waters of the River Eridanos.


Announcing @JS_DSN yet another string to my bow at Hanging Boots Creative where I have also created some contemporary vintage designs used on soft furnishings and fashion pieces beautifully hand made by my ex school colleague Dawn Growcott. @JS_DSN (JSDesign) is a collaboration with my son Joel to bring the work to a wider audience. The collection and artworks can be seen at @AbodeRetail Dronfield a local creative producers store.

Announcing @JS_DSN yet another string to my bow at Hanging Boots Creative where I have also created some contemporary vintage designs used on soft furnishings and fashion pieces beautifully hand made by my ex school colleague Dawn Growcott. @JS_DSN (JSDesign) is a collaboration with my son Joel to bring the work to a wider audience. The collection and artworks can be seen at @AbodeRetail Dronfield a local creative producers store.

Cushions £35, Tablet Cushion £15 Scarf/Neck Warmer £30, Glasses Case £9 Greetings Cards £2.50

Contact through website or email

Here I’ve created a walkthrough of some of my latest works. View them here.

Hello Art! Online Art Tutorials
Visit You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH9lsqkEft8&t=5s for more of my online Art tutorials

Projection Mapping and Painting in Sheffield

For more information regarding projections events, commissions , bookings, collaborations.

To purchase paintings please contact me. To purchase original prints please use online shop here.

email : johnsutcliffeart@gmail.com

Edges of Anticipation

Considering our time and the fluidity of thought, I began these paintings in the local landscape, where some form of stability and foundation may be found. Knowing that these Derbyshire formations are in themselves fluid in movement over vast swathes of time, formed by geology, climate and human hands.

This lead me to memories and mythology. In particular the story of Prometheus, who stole fire (or spirit) from the Gods to give to humanity, for which he and humanity were punished by Zeus. He may be found in these paintings considering the act which he is about to commit and the consequences. The story is reflected in other creation narratives.

Winner at Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Art in the Gardens Open Exhibition.

Guess what! Amongst all the Wonderfull artworks I was selected as winner in the ‘All Scapes’ Category, for my Painting Fire on the Mountain’ The Painting is for sale here

The House Skate Park, Kelham Island, Sheffield

Projection Mapping at Kelham Island, Sheffield

Projecting on to Phlegm’s amazing Street art at Kelham Island, using an Epson projector coupled to a Lightform spatial analyser and a small generator for power. It was quite late at night but still had a few people pass by who were very enthusiastic about the event.

Wellington St Carpark Street Art Mapping

Wellington St Carpark June 2019.

Projecting onto Jo Peel and Will Baras’ Artwork.

Hagglers Corner Projection Test

AR Projection onto Jo Peel’s mural outside Hagglers Corner, Heeley Bottom, Queens Rd, Sheffield

So the intention is to look for suitable graffiti around town to make some projections. I have a Lightform which is really useful in scanning and tracing objects and lines so that he whole process can be done in a couple of minutes. Having scanned I then add in different effects to places with in the scan, which, artistically, takes a bit longer – and a show can be put together within 45 minutes.

Ocean World

A magical experience using AR projection technology for the Dronfield Arts Festival

‘Wave’. Create you own waves simply by moving in front of the screen

For more information go here https://johnsutcliffeart.wordpress.com/ocean-world/

Reef Wall

Primavera Calling. Dronfied Arts Festival 2018

An AR (Augmented Reality) Projection onto the Walls of Dronfield Hall Barn.

A poetic story of hope for children and adults. 

As words describing our natural world have been forgotten and nature herself is losing a battle against what has been done to the earth by older generations. 

Children begin to form new words for the creatures they love and keep them in the ‘Book of Knowing’ . 

They find themselves hearing  from the past, in the voices of the ’Primavera’ , that the only hope for their world is in caring for it in most creative ways. 

This moving and delightfully illustrated story was originally written and produced as an animation for the Dronfield Arts Festival 2018 and has now been reimagined in an enchanting book by artist and author John Sutcliffe.

The Animation can be viewed here

For more information

fb Hanging Boots Creative

Written, Animated and Produced by John Sutcliffe for Dronfield Arts Festival 2018