The thickness of shadows


in between.

turgid mosses
release a flow
of the clean and pure.
grasses of the marsh
hide a secret or two
unseen and uncared for.
but some day I came in out of the rain
and laid down my head
in this new space.
as the hand trembles,
do words fall
blow this way?
set your chatters to hum.
break it .fuck it
hanging boots all laid aside.
I’m still looking

can the body enter ?

too high.
too much noise
in the thickness of shadows.
are you my kind?
break and bleed for it.
hot and wet
a mind without image.
these cards won’t turn.
shut up.
at the last
I see the moon in daylight waters
at the last.
thought and speed rip.
shadows fall at night.
their presence and absence
introduce the book man.
how did you?

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