Artist Statement, CV and Contact

John is an award winning Artist and educator and with a Masters Degree in Fine Art Practice and Education. He is Artist in Residence at The Dronfield Hall Barn in NE Derbyshire where he runs adult ed art classes and taught art in secondary schools for many years. His areas of practice come under the broad themes of Art, Light and Education.

Contact email:

Artist Statement


My artistic practice involves video projection mapping on surfaces in spaces and onto objects exploring the transformative nature of ‘spatial augmented realities’. I use sculptural media, cine and digital film, hand drawn and digital animation, photography, and text to signify narrative in immersive installations. I aim to question our perception of the images and objects before us, forcing us to use our senses to create new meanings and interpretations.

I operate in liminal spaces and invite the viewer to join me.  I like to question the nature of ‘abstract’ photography through making the photograph a sculptural object to reinforce the physical presence of what would otherwise be latent; existing but not present. In our digital, big data, Facebook era I want to root us in our own sense of being. My performances are illustrated poetic reflections on my work, pedagogy and philosophy.

My sculpture and installations question the nature of memory and the present.

My painting questions the presence of myth and histories through abstract landscape and figurative painting using gold leaf and oils.

I sell my work at Abode Retail, Dronfield.


Having taught art for half a lifetime in secondary schools, I now teach community art classes, More recently through live online classes and Hello Art you tube channel Art tutorials

Exhibition and performance

2021 February

Collaboration with Sara Beavan-Widdowson and Ignite Imaginations to produce video mapping installation at Parsons Cross Library, Sheffield.

2020 December – March 2021

Collaboration with Laura Page Photography and Ignite Imaginations to produce video wall installation for Reimagine project ‘All things are connected’ with Beighton Residential Home

2020 September

Art Beyond Normal – New Tutorial Project and Resources For Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership. Production of video tutorial and resources

2019 September

Art in the Gardens Sheffield . 4 abstract landscape oil paintings. Category award winner.

2019 May

“Ocean World”. Immersive interactive installation using AR projection mapping and interactive technologies recreating an interior space into the undersea world.

Dronfield Arts Festival Lantern parade lead artist working with community groups to produce lanterns

Dronfield Open Arts Exhibition 4 Abstract Landscape Oil Paintings

2018 May

“Primavera Calling” 16 minute projection mapped animated poetic film on the Dronfield Hall Barn building about children growing up, the lost words, the environment and how creativity can help the world find a way.

Dronfield Arts Festival lantern parade Lead Artist, working with community groups to produce Lanterns

2016 November:

‘Elementa’ Solo Exhibition : Photographs and Installation, Exterior Projection Mapped  Film based on Material, Image and Memory (Heritage Lottery Funding)

2016 April:  

‘Elemental’ Projection Mapped Installation, Dronfield Hall Barn, Derbyshire (Heritage Lottery Funding)

2015  September:  

Birmingham and Midlands Institute : Performance “P(Art) Life”     NSEAD Conference

2014   June:    

Tate Liverpool:   Performance “Thickening the Shadows” at , International Journal for Art and Design Education / National Society for Education in Art and Design Conference. “Collaborative Practices in Art Education”

2014   September:

Birmingham School of  Art: Arts Based Masters Final Show “Set Your Chatters to Hum” Abstract Photographic Installation with poetry and LED lighting

2014  May:

Speaker “The Thickness of Shadows” at Centre for Fine Art Research, BCU conference : “Twice Upon a Time; Magic, Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses”

2013  September:  

Birmingham School of Art,  Arts Based Masters Interim Show “Who Punched the Unicorn?”

2012  July/August:    

The New Art Gallery Walsall.  Exhibition “Why time spinning earth?”

2011 August:

Exhibition Sindelfingen Germany : Paintings from Derbyshire.

2005 – 2011

Local Exhibitions of Painting in Derbyshire.

Educational Qualifications


Master of Arts (with distinction) Arts Practice and Education Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham City University

Media Arts Philosophy and Fine Art Practice – Contemporary Philosophy and Aesthetics ; Histories of Art Education


Bachelor of Education Craft Design & Technology: Leeds Polytechnic                          Ceramics, Cabinet Making, Silver-smithing, History of Art & Design

Dronfield Heritage trust Roles & Responsibilities

2014 – Present            Artist in Residence  involving

Research and Commissioned Art Projects

Poor Old Horse : a sculptural costume puppet for a local folk tale in collaboration with First Art NE Derbyshire 2015/16

Elementa : Film and projection mapping 2016

Curation of Exhibitions

Adult Education classes in Drawing, painting and photography

Collaboration with local schools developing narratives, artwork and performances.

Liaison with local community arts groups

Teaching experience

I am a teaching professional with 30+ years experience in practical studio and workshop management with strong communication and interpersonal skills.

1990 – Current:           Teacher of Art: (part time since 2007))

Hasland Hall Community School, Chesterfield.

11-16 Mixed Comprehensive All Ability Learning

(2003-2007 Learning Coordinator – pastoral support and team leader)

2015 – 2016                 Adult Education:  teaching drawing and painting and photography Dronfield Heritage Trust.

2014 – 15                     Artist Speaker and workshop leader Birmingham City University MA Course and Artist Teacher Scheme (5 days total)

1984 – 1990                Teacher of Design & Technology and Head of 3D Art and Design, William Rhodes Secondary School, Chesterfield.

Professional Assosciation

1990 – present                     NSEAD. The National Society for Educators in Art and Design

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