Experimental Showreel


This experimental piece combines abstract footage with poetic reflections on memory and story. Based on the theme ‘There is Always Another Once Upon A Time’.

Abstract organic footage is developed through painting onto cinefilm which is then projected and distorted through bending mirrors and digitally filmed. Editing through Modul8 VJ software and Adobe After Effects.

The work conjures up ‘Rorschach’ like images where the viewer may interpret either the image or the text or let each influence the other. Text is used in various ways and towards the end just the images remain. There is no sound.

Adaptations can be made to the footage – taking out the text overlay – slowing speed etc

The text is taken from the script which can be viewed on my page Projection Mapping @ Dronfield Hall Barn  https://johnsutcliffeart.wordpress.com/projection-mapping/

The final discourse was written in collaboration with Nathalie Allen a student in my GCSE art class.

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